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The Way Inn retreat center is located in the spectacular Andean mountains near Huaraz, which is Peru’s trekking and Alpine sports capitol. This beautiful property is a healthy, healing environment that features stone buildings kitted out with natural furnishings and fittings that are similar to those in leading boutique hotels. The cozy rooms are furnished simply but eco-luxuriously with big windows, down comforters and the work of local artisans.

Medicine ceremonies ask a lot of seekers. To heal the soul we feed the body well by serving beautiful, delicious, deeply nourishing Dieta food tailored to your healing path.

The Way Inn employees live in intentional community that strives to co-exist in our Andean home as lightly and harmoniously as possible. We live comfortably but off-the-grid. Consequently, we’re implementing permaculture design principles in various ongoing projects you’ll notice around the property.

Life at The Way Inn

Life at The Way Inn   

Main Lodge    

Restoration and relaxation are part of a healthy medicine experience. The kitchen, dining areas, and upstairs lounge are the center’s main gathering spots and are always open for your convenience. Help yourself to a cup of tea, a fireside chat or just take in the breathtaking views.


We have a wide variety of mind-expanding books available in the library for your reading pleasure. Please help yourself to whatever peaks your interest – however, please be sure to return all borrowed books before leaving as it has taken years hand carrying the books here in order to offer this service. For these reasons, we do not offer a book exchange.


We’re off the grid. This means we utilize the land’s natural topography to generate our own electricity via a micro-hydroelectric turbine. 


While on Dieta, you will be energetically vulnerable. Consequently, we highly recommend, and may insist, that you do not use personal electronic devices because they can drain your personal energy by introducing external influences into a profoundly internal process. There will be a few days during your retreat when you will need to totally unplug. However, we understand that in today’s world you many need regular access to the Internet in order to run your business. If this is the case for you, please contact us to discuss how to best balance your medicine process with your other responsibilities.

Please Come With Openness

Growth means moving beyond your comfort zone. Ayahuasca plant medicine sets a challenging pace that can be uncomfortable. Consequently, we hope you will enter your time here with openness and seriousness of purpose. In our belief system, Ayahuasca is a living force that alters entrenched patterns and unresolved trauma. Once you’re here, we expect you to commit to the medicine experience, follow our professional guidance, trust the process and transcend whatever comes your way.


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