June Message from Alex Good


Dear Alumni of The Way Inn, 

Greetings from the flowering highlands of the Peruvian Andes. Spring is in full bloom as the tropical rains draw to a close and we move into a golden time of perfect sunny days bursting with spirit, life and vitality. 

I'm excited to get back to work here after an eight-month break…my longest in 15 years.  Here are upcoming 10 and 12 day retreats for 2017:

11th-22nd June
2nd-13th July
10th-21st September
1st-12th October 
12th-23rd November 
3rd-14th December

On break I travelled to the states, including time on the road and three months at Standing Rock. During those months I got to see first-hand the current state of modern affairs and the energy of what we are up against. It was a huge contrast to the peace and tranquility of my mountain home which, is so ideally suited to spiritual and self-exploration.  Based upon these observations I am in the process of completely revamping the way in which I offer medicine work, evolving the practices and protocols to be more relevant and applicable for the modern world.

Please investigate the exciting changes we are implementing. I call it 'Soul Science'. Whilst it is similar to other mystical teachings, I present in language intelligible to the modern mind. 

Soul Science helps us understand ourselves at a level beyond the mind.  It also gives us tools to bring that level of awareness into our daily lives, durably.

I truly believe this work will enable you to soar to new heights of consciousness and intelligent co-creation. It will aid many in making sense of the interesting times we live in, and enable you to powerfully play your chosen soul's role in co-creating our story of transformation. 

To support your process we will be introducing optional preparatory courses prior to any retreats.  This preparation supports the radical realignment of identity you'll be going through in plant medicine work. 

We’ll include preparatory cleanses that make your time with the medicine easier and more powerful together with post-retreat programs that keep you expanded during integration.

Stay tuned to our website and social channels for new content on Soul Science, discussion groups, online courses and ways to bring medicine circles to your home countries.

I am now available to bring the medicine practices to you in your home countries. Please write me at Contact@TheWayInn.com.

I feel these changes are necessary since I became a full-fledged maestro in my own right, with practical benefits for you.  Now, I shoulder more responsibilities and power in ceremonies, which means seeker conditions which previously took five ceremonies to treat are now remedied in one or two. 

Our fees reflect the high standard of both the lodge infrastructure and professional, safe plant medicine work that we offer all our clients.  We’re also committed to giving everyone access to the work and offer a sliding scale price for those who cannot afford regular fees. Write us at Contact@TheWayInn.com with a little more information about your request.  Sliding scale places may not be available in every retreat.

On the physical plane, I am also glad to share with you that all lodge rooms now have wood burning stoves for your added comfort during cool, high Andean nights, as well as en-suite bathrooms. Another addition is our 50m archery range to aid in grounding your practice of mindfulness through a daytime exercise. 

Our infrastructure continues to develop in harmony with Mother Nature and I am pleased to share that our trout ponds are now stable ecosystems in their own right.  All our roofs are now greened and our six bee hives have swarmed to become seven.  The original two micro climates on lodge lands have now expanded and become five stable micro climates bio-engineered in harmony with the landscape. 

It's an interesting time on Planet Earth, it's an exciting time to be human and we at The Way Inn are doing everything we can to help as many people awaken to their greatest potential, accept their co-creative capacities and dream their highest dream for humanity with courage and understanding of our inherent interconnectedness. I hope to share this exciting work with many of you in the future.  Won’t you join us?

 All the best. A billion blessings, 

Alex Good


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