About Us

About Us

Who We Are

Everyone who works on the Healing Team at The Way Inn is a seeker who studies South American shamanism and eastern spirituality because we find meaning and profound healing in their combination. For us, physical healing follows changes in consciousness. Ayahuasca and other plant medicines do more for our happiness and spiritual development than anything else we have ever tried

How We are Different

Genuine Care and Support

By engaging in this work, we demonstrate our care for you and your personal growth every day. The healing team is very available to support your path and potential. We sincerely want to help you have a positive, meaningful experience here, in part, because you become extended family as soon as you arrive.

Professional Shamanic Team

We believe in a team approach to healing. Our professional healers studied extensively with Peruvian Shamans and have decades of experience working with plant medicines.  We simply tailored these traditions for greater healing effect and an audience of modern people.

Post-Retreat Reintegration

Many centers undervalue post-retreat integration. We see integration as a vital time when the spiritual experiences you have here begin to show up and become a natural part of, your life. As part of our commitment to share medicine work in communities worldwide, The Way Inn is developing international support groups as well as offering lifetime support via phone or Skype.

Holistic Healing Approach

Healing and personal growth are hard work. We hope guests are sincerely committed to real personal growth. If you’re looking for a quick fix or a recreational experience, please don’t come here.

Delicious, Nutritious Food

We make the Dieta delicious! A wide variety of beautiful, tasty food designed by our professional nutritionist. Straight from our garden, you’ll look forward to every meal.

Elegant Accommodations

Exquisite rooms with cozy beds and modern comforts. Beautiful Western-style bathrooms, hot showers, and spring water straight from the tap. Beautiful lodge with plenty of amenities.

Spectacular Scenery

The Way Inn is an idyllic lodge nestled in the foothills of the dramatic Peruvian Andes. We created a beautiful place with a peaceful atmosphere that supports your healing. Our facility is very different, and much more comfortable, from Aya retreat centers that cluster in the Amazon basin flush with jungle heat and mosquitos.

High Healer to Guest Ratio

With a maximum of 12 guests, our healing team ensures you will receive the personal care and attention you deserve and need.

Some travelers are independent and others want support. Either way, we’re with you every step from Lima to lodge. Whether traveling by bus or plane, our friendly taxi drivers meet you in Huaraz and deliver you safely to the lodge. When you arrive the retreat director settles you into your comfortable, cozy room (link) where we’ll plan your orientation and personal health diagnostic. You’ll begin your retreat with plant teas that balance the nervous system and prepare you for a deeper dive into medicine work.

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