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10 Day Ayahuasca and Tobacco Retreats


10-Day Retreats Include:

5 Ayahuasca Cemonies
6 Day Tree Bark Dieya
3 Tobacco Ceremonies
5 Group Circles/Satsangs
1-on-1 Shamanic Consultations
£ 1,650 (priced in GBP) 



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12 Day Ayahuasca and Tobacco Retreats

12-Day Retreats Include:

5 Ayahuasca Ceremonies
6 Day Tree Bark Dieta
3 Tobacco Ceremonies
5 Group Circles/Satsangs
1-on-1 Shamanic Consultations
1 San Pedro/Huachuma Ceremony
£ 1,850 (priced in GBP) 


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Custom Retreats

Custom Retreats:

Let us calibrate a program just for you.
Priced per request.

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Vital Information

Our Approach



Plant medicine ceremonies at The Way Inn help you awaken to the truth of your being.

We’re unique among Ayahuasca retreat centers because we combine authentic Peruvian shamanism, plant medicine expertise, practical knowledge of the eastern wisdom paths along with progressive western psychology in a genuinely comfortable environment geared to the lives of modern people.

In our belief system disease is literally, dis-ease about your personal history that creates pain and physical imbalances.

Ayahuasca, tobacco and other plant medicines help surface the roots of dis-ease so unresolved traumas can be addressed consciously, leading to a lighter, healthier and more joyful life.

We offer pure, powerful plant medicine experiences that reconnect you to your intuitive healer. The vast majority of seekers see big changes during and after their stay. Consequently, we ask that you respect our knowledge of the medicine experience by adhering to some simple, safety-oriented ground rules before, during and after your time with us.

In our belief system there is a direct connection between higher spirit and the circumstances of our lives. The Way Inn’s programs seek to perfect our energy bodies in order to experience expanded reality. Entheogenic plants, dietas and eastern wisdom are capable of recontextualizing your experience of this existence. This work treats a bevy of issues that may arise from being part of the western world .

Ayahuasca is not a recreational drug. None of the plant medicines we work with are recreational drugs. We utilize powerful ethnogens, delivered in ceremony, with the intention to heal our lives.

That said, we do this work in a safe, gentle, compassionate and frequently fun way. Typically seekers move from heavier experiences at first toward lighter, more ecstatic states as the number of ceremonies progress.

"1st Class Enlightenment!"

Wow. I can't say enough amazing things about this place. I have been to 12 different spiritual retreats in the past year all over the world and The Way Inn takes the cake. Unbelievably beautiful property in the mountains overlooking a beautiful valley; the most caring, loving and knowledgeable shaman and his assistants; a wonderful housekeeping staff that caters to your every need and cooks beautifully; and the things you experience and learn will transform you for a lifetime. The shaman combines beliefs from many different spiritualities in order to provide the most holistic, comprehensive approach possible.
If you want to "find yourself" in comfort, this is the place. If you'd rather to do battle with mosquitos the size of mangos with a shaman in the jungle somewhere, you're welcome to it but I wouldn't recommend it.

Todd, August 2016

“Are You Ready To Discover Your Authentic Self?”

Undergoing the process of deep spiritual transformation through the use of sacred plant teachers was one of the most difficult, yet rewarding experiences of my life. Soon after my first ceremony, I was infinitely relieved and grateful to have selected this retreat in lieu of countless other jungle-based offerings.
With Ayahuasca tourism on the rise, and countless cases of charlatan shamans peddling bogus brew, I constantly felt secure being surrounded and supported by a team of true professionals. Their unique method, encompassing a wide variety of healing modalities, produced the most effective results. It was like a firmware upgrade for my soul.
The location is absolutely breathtaking, with snowcapped Andean mountains providing the perfect backdrop. Every attention to detail thoroughly thought out in order to ensure a positive experience - from gourmet meals, to Egyptian cotton sheets and down filled comforters. If you're ready for a major transformative experience, and wish to transcend the stagnant energies which are holding you back from living the life you were meant to live, then look no further than "The Way Inn".

Marco, April 2016

"Heart Opening and Transformative"

I can't say enough good things about the Way Inn and will definitely be planning a return trip in the near future. The food (pre and post dieta) is fantastic and typically includes an appetizer, main course, and dessert. The Huachuma hike was my favorite part of the trip and I look forward to experiencing this plant medicine again. The ayahuasca experience is difficult but extremely worthwhile, as you may hear the shamans say "White man medicine, make you feel good first but sick later. Shamanic medicine makes you feel bad first, but good later". As a woman, another important factor about the Way Inn is that you feel safe. There are some horror stories about shamans who take advantage but at the Way Inn you can rest easy that no harm will come to you and that you will leave feeling lighter than when you arrived :)

Sarah, Dec 2015

"Life Changing"

I recently had the good fortune of stumbling onto The Way Inn after finding myself at the end of my mental rope. Ayahuasca was not an easy feat to begin with, yet with the care and guidance of Shaman Alex I was able to delve into issues I have struggled with my entire life. The staff prepared excellent naturally and locally procured meals, making the dieta more than doable. The accommodation was immaculate and charming.
As a female, I felt extremely safe. Most importantly, the retreat had a modern take on Shamanism. We focused on mindfulness and incorporated various techniques to "treat" various ailments. One of my favorite activities was preparing the San Pedro, and then hiking through the Andes soaking in all of its natural beauty.
I have nothing but gratitude and awe from my experience at The Way Inn. It is a special memory I will cherish for the rest of my life. I look forward to returning regularly to continue evolving my consciousness.
Thank you to The Way Inn ... You are an absolute blessing!

Lizzie, March 2016

"A True Gem"

The Way Inn is nothing short of a majestically assembled paradise for spiritual, mental and physical growth and healing. Set in the beautiful mountainous landscape of central Peru, this place is a world apart from other jungle based resorts - the accommodation is top drawer and the food is top quality.

Alex and his team have thought of absolutely every detail to maximise the guests' stay and consciousness journey. The personal attention given to each and every individual throughout is simply hard to believe. Alex's skill, knowledge, experience and ability to articulate himself so well ensures you are in the very best of hands and can truly get a deeper understanding of your particular journey. The retreat and Alex are not just focussed on ayahuasca itself but on higher consciousness as a whole. Drawing on a multitude of spiritual influences and knowledge Alex is able to assess your experiences and give personal feedback in English that was, frankly, invaluable to me. If you think using a Peruvian shaman in the jungle is the only way then you may want to re-think your ideas as the level of detailed information you can fully decipher deeply enhances your experience.

Eddie, March 2016

"Just Perfect"

Can’t say enough good things about The Way Inn, I definitely highly recommend. Me and my sister ended up staying a total of 17 days in October ’15 and I can confidently say that our experience was above par. From the breathtaking mountain setting to 5 stars spotless accommodations and top notch good food from their own organic gardens, everything was just perfect in providing a peaceful and loving haven to facilitate our (often challenging) process with ayahuasca and tobacco medicines (..on the other hand, San Pedro was quite nice ;) But more than that, it is the amazing staff that binds it all together to make it so special. Always greeting us with genuine smiles while being wonderfully supportive and helpful with anything we needed during our stay, there is no question that they love what they do by the way it is expressed through their work. All put care in what they do in order to see you leave in a much better way than you came in. It was clear to us that they had our best interest at heart from beginning to end and it is this kind of intention/attention that makes all the difference.

Renee, October 2015

"A Deep and Transformative Experience to Last a Lifetime"

The Shamans sing both traditional Shamanic Chants in addition to a variety of Sacred Mantras, giving the Way Inn a heightened feeling of being deeply connected to the highest spiritual traditions. I cannot recommend The Way Inn highly enough. Of the many meditation and spiritual retreats in my life that I have attended, The Way Inn ranks #1. I was taken deeper in many regards than ever before, and was left with a heightened sense of my life's purpose and a feeling of interconnectedness that I will be forever thankful for.

Lisa, May 2015

"Beyond Belief"

A transformative experience in a panoramically majestic setting, with the very best food, accommodations, and attention to any and every need. This is single handedly the best thing I have done for myself. I have explored many other self development paths and have even drunk Ayahuasca in a more traditional setting, but nothing has come close to the insights, clarity, understanding, and powerful expansion I experienced at The Way Inn.
I arrived filled with questions and have left with so many deep answers that I am truly humbled by the experience. I am grateful from the bottom of my heart to Alex Good and his outstanding team of experts. I look forward to continuing to visit The Way Inn and cannot recommend the experience enough to anyone who is ready to "know" and is ready to "see".

Jim, March 2016

"Swanky Ayahuasca Lodge - Powerhouse of Healing"

Love this place! The dieta food is outstanding! They somehow manage to make the restrictive Ayahuasca diet into something actually tasty and interesting - no mean feat I can tell you.
The team use a mixture of many healing disciplines and it's a powerhouse of healing. Outstanding in every aspect, loved the ayurvedic advice, meditation guidance, the mountain hikes with San Pedro, and the 'out of this world' ayahuasca experiences of divine love and healing. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Rich, August 2014


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