• To awaken you, through direct and guided experience, to the fact that you are a spiritual being having a human experience and to provide you with the practical tools for maintaining and integrating this living awareness into your day to day reality.
    Our Mission...
  • Find out more about our 9 Day Ayahuasca Retreats located in the Andes, Peru
    9 Day Ayahuasca Retreat
  • Help prepare the San Pedro for the end-of-retreat San Pedro Hiking Ceremony
    San Pedro Preparation and Ceremony
  • Learn what your art says about you as you explore your expressive side through guided Art Therapy.
    Art Therapy
  • Enjoy two and three course meals prepared by our amazing kitchen staff to fit any personal dietary restrictions.
    Organic and Locally Sourced Food
  • We focus upon the integration of personal and spiritual truths and practices into modern daily life, facilitating transition into the evolving reality by translating shamanic, Buddhist and esoteric traditions into real world context.
    Activating Your Potential...