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to our Holistic Centre

Our mission is to help you awaken to the truth of your being. Combining sacred medicine with ancient wisdom and modern progressive psychology, we support you through your Ayahuasca experience and help you connect to your own intuitive healer.

Our Team looks forward to meeting you!

Healing Through Consciousness

In shamanism, all dis-ease arises from conflict between the shadow and conscious self creating imbalance and blockages in the psyche. Ayahuasca and other plant medicines bring the shadow to the surface, where it can be examined and integrated consciously.

Huachuma (San Pedro) Retreats

The Way Inn is now offering a 10-day Huachuma Retreat with Day Hikes. Huachuma is a sacred heart opening medicine indigenous to the mountains surrounding The Way Inn.

Dates are limited to July 3rd Book your space now!

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Not A Recreational Experience

Growth means moving beyond your comfort zone, and this experience is inherently uncomfortable. Ayahuasca sets a challenging pace for our growth as we undo entrenched patterns, and one needs to be ready to personally engage in the healing process.  We can promise only one thing: It won’t be easy, it will be worth it.

Helping Raise CONSCIOUSNESS one SOUL at a time.

Who We Are

We are the next generation of shamans.  Blending the wisdom of the East with our years of study in traditional shamanism, we translate our findings into language that is easily accessible to the western mindset. By practicing deep immersion beyond the level of mind, we help facilitate the discovery of your Self at a higher level.
Being non-native shamans grants us a unique perspective in understanding the conditions that plague the western mindset.  We apply the techniques we learned in healing our own western programming to create healing packages optimally designed   for our clientele.

What We Do

Everything we do at The Way Inn is done with one objective in mind – to consciously facilitate evolution; your evolution, our evolution and the evolution of the collective consciousness of our species – Homo Sapiens – into Homo Spiritus.

Our work initially focuses upon the cleansing and alignment of the four primary ‘bodies’ – physical, emotional, mental and higher mental. As this proceeds, a stable ‘launch platform’ is created from which one can safely explore all that the plant medicines have to teach us about the larger nature of reality.

Retreat Start Dates

August 21st (few spots left)
September 11th (few spots left)
October 2nd
November 13th
December 4th

2017 Dates Coming Soon!

The Personalised Retreat

The advantage of the longer time frame afforded by the personalised package is that, rather than individuals fitting themselves into the standard group retreat program, we have more flexibility to tailor your personal healing process to what is indicated as being best for you.

All personal packages start within the standard retreat format, allowing the healing team to best assess which modalities are to be applied. If, after a couple of ceremonies, we receive instructions that your healing process is best served by deviating from our standard retreat, we will administer that.

Add-on Week: $1,000


Deposit Policy

Our prices reflect the high standard of service that we provide you and demonstrates a significant investment in, and commitment to, your own journey of self healing.

For those who wish to guarantee their place on any of our medicine programs, but need to spread the payments, half your medicine cost can be paid at the time of booking, with the remainder spread over a time-frame that works for your personal situation. 

Please Note: If you elect the 50% deposit option, refunds are not available and remainder is due 30 days prior to arriving for your retreat. The Deposit Code can be entered in the booking form after choosing your retreat date. 




The Way Inn’s Healing Programs

Shamanic Apprenticeship


 Spiritual Warrior Training

Feel a calling to, and interested in, a career in shamanism and spiritual service? Our shamanic apprenticeship program is designed to train you, over three years, to be able to hold space for others, wield the shamanic energies for healing and be well versed in various wisdom paths and healing arts - basically boot camp for spiritual warriors.
Three month 'term times' onsite at The Way Inn are interspersed with 'integration' holiday periods where you practice integrating what you learnt at school whilst in your traditional setting.


Months 1 – 3  – $2,000 Per Month

Months 4 – 6 – $1,000 Per Month

Month 6 on wards –  Work placement (No cost)

Consciousness to New Heights

Are you ready to share your skills with The Way Inn this year? We are currently seeking specialists and skilled professionals.
We are a dynamic and diverse team of people that are committed to our spiritual development and doing what we love to make a difference in the world. Together we work hard, play hard and feel absolutely honored to participate in the transformation of our guests.



$2,400 Per Person



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Group Retreat


Build your Retreat

Part of a yoga community? A manager at work looking for that extra team building edge? Got a group of friends who you think would benefit from time spent with the medicine? Wish to organise a wedding with a shamanic twist?

Organise a group retreat and get a bulk discount. Maximum group number of 12. Every five places booked as a group earns the sixth place free. For group exclusivity a minimum of ten places must be booked.



Coming Soon!

Cost based upon group requirements

Please contact us for more details.


How The Way Inn is Different

Genuine Care and Support

Our team genuinely cares about you and your personal growth, and will work with you individually to help you achieve your highest potential. You will become a part of our extended family as soon as you arrive.

Professional Shamanic Team

Healing shouldn’t revolve around one healer. We have a team of professional healers with decades of experience working with the plant medicines.  Our healers have studied extensively with Peruvian Shamans and have found ways to evolve and meld practices to achieve the greatest healing affect possible.

Post-Retreat Reintegration

Long-term healing, with support for a lifetime (not just during the duration of the retreat). After Booking we offer phone or Skype sessions and help build networks in communities worldwide.

Holistic Healing Approach

Healing and personal growth are hard work. Using multiple modalities, we work with guests who are dedicated and committed to real personal growth, not those looking for a quick fix or a recreational experience.

Delicious, Nutritious Food

We make the dieta delicious! A wide variety of beautiful, tasty food designed by our professional nutritionist. Straight from our garden, you’ll look forward to every meal.

Elegant Accommodations

Exquisite rooms with cozy beds and modern comforts. Beautiful Western-style bathrooms, hot showers, and spring water straight from the tap. Beautiful lodge with plenty of amenities.

Spectacular Scenery

Nestled in the Peruvian Andes, surrounded by mountains. A perfect peaceful atmosphere filled with beauty so you can focus on your healing, without the heat and mosquitos of the jungle.

High Healer to Guest Ratio

With a maximum of 12 guests, our healing team ensures you will receive the personal care and attention you deserve and need.

Guest Testimonials

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