• We focus upon the integration of personal and spiritual truths and practices into modern daily life, facilitating transition into the evolving reality by translating shamanic, Buddhist and esoteric traditions into real world context.
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  • To awaken you, through direct and guided experience, to the fact that you are a spiritual being having a human experience and to provide you with the practical tools for maintaining and integrating this living awareness into your day to day reality.
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Additional Advanced Ayurvedic Treatments Being Offered Between Retreats in June and July!

Valerie Goulding, Co-Dounder of VitalLiving Ayurveda is coming to The Way Inn. Besides filling in for Mike (our residential Ayurvedic Specialist) during our retreats in June and July while he is away, Valerie will also be offering various additional advanced Ayurvedic therapies between the retreats. Please note that for the extended therapies, you must make travel arrangements to be at The Way Inn outside of your retreat dates. These therapies will also be open to guests not particicpating in a retreat. For more details on her offerings and to earn a discounted price by pre-booking, please visit VitalLiving in Peru where Valerie has set up a special detailed information page.

Limited Spaces for our next Ayahuasca Retreat

Currently there are still spaces available for our next retreat! Book soon to secure your place...Find out more.

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"To anyone seeking spiritual or physical change in their lives…you feel cradled in Love. The staff, teachers and shamanic team are beyond belief. They are humble, loving, attentive, hard working and just wonderful. On a scale of 1-10, I give them a million.”
- Bill H, USA